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Somatic Singer Workshop

  • When: November 4th – 1:30 pm

  • Where: CCBC (part of student auditions)

  • Cost: Free

We are excited to announce Claire Galloway will present the Somatic Singer workshop as part of the National Student Auditions: MDDC Chapter on November 4th. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about their instrument after they finish their audition. All participants and teachers may attend for free!


A 45-minute introduction to a somatic exploration of the power of breath, connecting to our bodies, and vocalizing through movement. Somatic practices work from the body up so that we can fully understand how to regulate our nervous system through movement, breath, and truly comprehend what "grounding yourself" can mean.

Why It's Important

We have become so disconnected from our bodies as humans and as singers- even vocal pedagogy talks about the larynx up, generally! By exploring breath, we connect to our entire being, find peace and safety within ourselves, and can allow our voices to fly.

About Ms. Galloway

She is an active freelance soprano and faculty member at Peabody Conservatory and Bard College. She is the co-founder of the Somatic Song Institute, which had its inaugural year

for six fellows in Laguna Beach. Also in 2023, she led the first Somatic Singer workshop in Baltimore, which was the first in-person iteration of an online Core Foundations Bootcamp. She has performed private recitals, was a recent Nordic Song Festival Fellow in Sweden, a Songfest Brown Loranger Fellow, Ravinia Steans Music Institute Fellow, and is a long-time featured artist of Baltimore Musicales. Her clients perform internationally and have joined professional organizations including Bach in Baltimore, Washington Bach Consort, The Thirteen, Baltimore Symphonic Chorale and have been accepted to Northwestern University, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, University of Maryland College Park, and many more.


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