Registration for MD/DC District Student Auditions will open on
January 4, 2021


January 4, 2021

Registration in Auditionware begins


February 14, 2021

Registration and Video Submission Deadline*

*Please note that while we encourage videos to be submitted by the registration deadline, there is a grace period in which videos may be submitted until February 21st (as long as repertoire has been approved).

Video Recording Instructions:
Chapter, District, Regional and National Student Auditions


February 15-21 - Repertoire check and re-submission grace period


February 22-26 - Adjudication Period


February 27 - Auditions Workshop: Panel discussion moderated by Cate Frazier-Neely, Results Posting of District Winners, "Honors" Recital presented in a video montage


Audition Repertoire and Other Requirements at

The Mid-Atlantic Regional NATS Virtual Student Auditions and Conference will be March 12 through 13, 2021. For more information visit

To start the registration process, log in to If you forget your password or login name, you can get it sent to you. If you are not a member, you can easily join from the home page. Once you are logged in look for the green button labeled "NATS AUDITION REGISTRATION". After January 4, 2021 you should be guided through the process of registering for your audition with Auditionware.

Have more questions? Please contact:

Auditions Chair, Marquita Lister

District Board President, Ethan Watermeier

Here are some details to get you started:


  • Student Auditions begin at the local level.   Winners may qualify to compete at the regional level, and possibly the national level. However, all the rules and processes we must follow were created by NATS National.

  • All teachers who submit students must serve as adjudicators.   We suggest that you begin your understanding of the process by using the links below to understand your role as both an adjudicator and a teacher submitting students.

  • NATS National Regulations

  • NATS NATIONAL Student Auditions Resource Page where you can find the rubrics, regulations, categories, adjudicator forms, musical theater online resources, adjudicator information: NATS Auditions Regulations

  • We strongly urge you to watch the Adjudicator Video prepared by Allen Henderson, Executive Director of NATS, as well as the other videos you’ll see on the resources page.

  • Detailed instructions on recording and uploading your video to YouTube are available HERE.


What is the registration fee for each student?

The student registration fee for each MDDC student slot is $25.00. Same as last year. A student may end up paying $50.00, for example, if they are singing in two categories.