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2022 Auditions

February 27th - Audition results are in! Congratulations and thanks to all who participated this year!

January 10th - AuditionWare opens for registration. Fee will be $25/entry, same as last year. Start the process by logging into the NATS national website and find the button "NATS Auditions Registration" on your Members Home page. Please refer to the detailed instructions on this website for uploading songs to YouTube, as well as repertoire guidelines.


February 14th - Registration deadline- All registration forms and videos must be submitted by 11:59pm.


February 15th-20th - Repertoire and Video vetting will happen during this time by selected repertoire checkers. Teachers will be notified if there are any issues with student repertoire or video submissions.


February 19 – NATS Teacher’s Retreat at Salisbury University. More details to be announced.


February 21-26 – Adjudication Period- All adjudication must be completed by 5:00pm on Saturday, February 26th.


February 27 – Winners Announced and Honors Recital

Please familiarize yourself with the current category requirements.
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