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The FMMC student’s Voice competition, Application deadline is March 5th

The FMMC student’s Voice competition, Application deadline is March 5th.

The competition will be on Saturday, March 12th at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD.


The Sue Goetz Ross Memorial Competition is open to voice students ages 17 to 22.


  • First Prize: $1,500

  • Second Prize: $1,000

  • Third Prize: $700

  • All winners including in honors will be eligible for the FMMC membership and FMMC concert in 2022-2023.


Choose three selections of contrasting style and period, memorized:

  • One art song in a foreign language.

  • One aria from opera, oratorio, or musical in original language.

  • One American song, including musical theater.

Live audition: If you wish to sing unmasked, you need to follow up the below process:

  • Vaccine proof can be submitted to our secure portal with your application.

  • Additionally, any artist who must remove their mask to perform will be required to provide a negative COVID test (PCR) within 72 hours of their unmasking. The test will need to be taken on 3/9-3/11. You must submit proof of your negative PCR test to our secure portal located no later than 8:00 pm of March 11th to participating in March 12th competition

  • All the judges, staff, and other family members will be required to wear a mask at all times when indoors.

Please go to the below link for the application:

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