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Covid-19 Relief Act 2 & the Singing Community

Dear Chapter Presidents and NATS Leaders,

So many within our profession were confused, frustrated, and dejected when trying to navigate the first round of PPP and other pandemic funding from the federal government last spring. Some were successful, many gave up, and others were rejected because they were confused in how to report financial figures. With the passage of the second COVID-19 Relief Act, funding opportunities are expanded for self-employed, gig workers, and small studio owners — whether one instructor or multiple. In addition, if someone operates a small venue that has been shuttered or has a performing space as part of their studio, some new programs were created. Most importantly, in many cases you do not have to have qualified for first round funding in order to receive assistance in this round.

ALL of these funds are forgivable loans and may help NATS members survive the coming months or recover from some of their previous losses.

OUR NATS Webinar is TOMORROW, Thursday, January 14 at 5 p.m. EST. COVID-19 RELIEF ACT 2 & the Singing Community will be one of the most important we have had in supporting the economic survival of many of our members. I urge you to forward this email to your membership and anyone else in our industry you know who might benefit from clarity on how to navigate this process successfully. I will be joined by Certified Public Accountant Ann Henderson. Together, we have been involved in the successful access to this funding last spring with several nonprofits, individuals, churches, and of course, NATS. We will try to untangle the web of funding sources and help everyone develop a roadmap for success. Our community has weathered this storm due to our mutual support for one another and our students/clients. Some of this information may be applicable to your professional students who are suffering as well, so we encourage you to share the link to this YouTube streamed event so that we can assist them as well.

This event will be recorded and immediately available for viewing on our YouTube channel so those who have scheduling conflicts or need to revisit the information will be available to watch it. We also will be posting helpful resources on the NATS COVID-19 Resources page.

YouTube Live Link for Thursday, January 14 at 5 p.m. ET

Thank you for your continued concern for our membership and your leadership and service to our profession. I am proud to be among you in the trenches.


Allen Henderson Executive Director National Association of Teachers of Singing 9957 Moorings Drive Suite 401 Jacksonville, Florida 32257 904-992-9101

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