As part of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the national organization (including Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina), MD/DC NATS member teachers encourage the highest standards of singing through excellence in teaching and the promotion of vocal education and research. Our teachers offer instruction to singers with both professional and avocational aspirations.
We also enjoy the professional enrichment provided by our colleagues. Participation from schools and studios across the district has continued to thrive. For more information, see our Activities/News tab and Officers tab.
Your membership begins by becoming a member of the National
Association of Teachers of Singing. While our District dues, which are $35, are in addition to the National dues, we have the same requirements. MD/DC NATS welcomes those whose professional training and experience qualify him or her as a teacher of singing. For more information, please visit the National Association of Teachers of Singing website
If you are already a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and you would like to join the MD/DC chapter, please visit the National website for more information and to make your chapter dues payment. 
Both chapter and national dues are paid directly through the national website.

Soon after your membership is confirmed, you will receive a welcome from the MD/DC District Governor will welcome you and make sure we have you on our e-mail contact list as soon as possible so you are aware of our upcoming activities. 
Becoming a MD/DC chapter member enables you and your students to participate in our MD/DC District NATS Student Auditions.
Please note: Payment of membership dues is required before a teacher may register any student for student auditions, NATS Artist Auditions (NATSAA) and in other sponsored workshops and activities throughout the year.
Many teachers also use their membership as a way to network with other teachers of singing in the Maryland/DC area.
To begin learning about Student Auditions, the Student Auditions Handbook is the best place to start.
The National website has additional information on the benefits of membership.
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