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If your membership is in good standing, you will be greeted accordingly. If not, you can pay your dues immediately and you will receive access to registration information within 24 hours. You can access registration information and everything pertaining to student auditions by visiting
Once on the page, scroll down to the green box and click on "Student Auditions". You will be taken to thorough instructions on the process of registering for auditions and to documents that will explain the roles of adjudicators/members/officers as pertains to student auditions. There is even a link to FAQs on student auditions. There are a couple of FAQs that are specific to MDDC NATS. 
More detailed instructions can be found HERE
Have more questions? Please contact:
Auditions Chair, Madeline Miskie
District Board President, Linda Allison Haslach

Here are some details to get you started:
  • Student Auditions begin at the local level.   Winners may qualify to compete at the regional level, and possibly the national level. However, all the rules and processes we must follow were created by NATS National.
  • All teachers who submit students must serve as adjudicators.   We suggest that you begin your understanding of the process by using the links below to understand your role as both an adjudicator and a teacher submitting students.
  • NATS National Regulations
  • NATS NATIONAL Student Auditions Resource Page where you can find the rubrics, regulations, categories, adjudicator forms, musical theater online resources, adjudicator information: NATS Auditions Regulations
  • We strongly urge you to watch the Adjudicator Video prepared by Allen Henderson, Executive Director of NATS, as well as the other videos you’ll see on the resources page.
What is the registration fee for each student?
The student registration fee for each MDDC student slot is $25.00. Same as last year. A student may end up paying $50.00, for example, if they are singing in more that one category/slot.
How many students may each pianist accompany at District Auditions?
Pianists may play for 8 audition slots. This means that a pianist may find that they are only playing for 6 singers, but 2 of the singers are in 2 different categories, thus a total of 8 slots.
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